Plating Process
Chrome Wheel

Chrometech prides itself on the time and care that goes into the chrome plating of each and every wheel. From the initial inspection and polishing to the plating baths, intermediary inspections and final hand polishing, Chrometech chrome products are the finest on the market today.

Don't be fooled by imitations. Only a Chrometech chrome wheel has the lasting quality, luster and brightness that you and your clients demand.

The Story Behind Each Step

Tracking Number

Receiving, Tracking and Initial Inspection

Wheels arrive at our Santa Ana, California facility and are logged into our tracking system. Each wheel is carefully inspected and engraved with a unique tracking number.

Paint Stripping Process

Wheels with paint or other primers on them are placed in our paint stripper where they are stripped down to the bare aluminum. The bare wheel is then polished by hand to remove any imperfections.

After the stripping and initial hand polishing takes place, the wheel is placed in a cleansing bath to remove any residual polishing compounds, dust or dirt. This ensures a solid base from which to begin the chrome plating process.

Chrome Stripping

Chemical Etching

The wheel is then processed through various chemical baths to etch the surfaces. This aids in the adhesion of the chemical plating processes.

First Nickel Plating Bath

Polished wheels enter a dense molecular nickel bath which adds a strong coating that protects against corrosion.

Copper Plating Bath

Copper plating is a cosmetic coating which provides a deep luster to the wheel. It smoothes out and fills in any surface imperfections that porous, alumninum casings may have.

Chrome Copper Bath

Copper Polishing and Detailed Buffing

After the copper plating bath, the wheel is once again buffed and hand polished to a smooth out the surface and generate a deep luster.

Copper polishing

Bright Nickel Plating Bath

The bright nickel plating adds to the luster that is generated in the copper plating and polishing process. This bath prepares the wheel for the final chrome plating bath.

Brigh Nickel

Chrome Plating Bath

At last the wheel is ready for the final plating step, the chrome plating bath. It takes skilled operators years to perfect their craft of high quality chrome plating.

Final Cleaning and Inspection

Each wheel is cleaned, hand polished and given a final detailed inspection prior to packaging and shipping.

Packaging and Shipping

The tracking information that was etched into the wheel at the onset of the process is used to close out the order and prepare it for delivery to our customers.